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Since contracts are the main way to preserve and guarantee rights, and document the intention and will of the parties to the contract, the building, formulation and linguistically and legally binding, are indispensable to achieve the desired goal of concluding the contract. Experience, scientific and practical competence in the legal and linguistic aspects constitute the foundations without which the desired goal of concluding contracts cannot be achieved.

At Almashora Law Firm, we seek through scientific and practical competencies in this field, to be a legal entity intended by all who seek a sound, linguist and legal arbitration, that preserves and protects their rights, regardless how long the contract is and how complex its provisions are… In light of this, we offer the following services:

Our Process

1- Preparing, reviewing and drafting all contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding in all disciplines and auditing them to serve the interest of the client.


2- Preparing, reviewing and drafting non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements and all agreements that protect customer interests.


3- Preparing, reviewing, drafting and concluding clearances, and making settlements and reconciliation agreements.


4- Preparing and drafting merger or acquisition contracts for companies.

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