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Our Process

1- Establishing commercial companies of all kinds and their legal entities, preparing and drafting contracts for the establishment of all kinds of companies, drafting amendment annexes and documenting contracts and amendments with the Ministry of Commerce.


2- Regulating and reviewing the minutes of all partners, public associations and boards of directors.


3- Providing legal advice to foreign investors in terms of the regulations followed in the Kingdom, in terms of the amount and type of capital, the tax imposed, a statement of investor rights, and a proposal of legal solutions to address any legal problems it may encounter.


4- Establishing foreign or mixed companies and their subsidiaries, and issuing licenses and commercial records for the foreign investor.


5- Carrying out all legal procedures related to companies’ transformation, merger and liquidation, and submitting studies and proposed solutions on that, in the best interest of the customer.


6- Preparing and developing the organizational structure of legal departments and setting internal policies and procedures for legal work within the customer’s legal departments or units.

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