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Al Mashora Co. Your trusted legal partner in Saudi arabia We offer a comprehensive legal services and consulting

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About Almashora Law Firm

Almashora Law firm is a professional company working in the Law and legal consulting sectors. It was established in accordance with the current system of professional companies and is licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice law and provide legal services.

Registration and Operations

Almashora is registered with the Saudi Bar Association, with the Saudi Bar Association, as a legal facility and has taken its headquarters in Dammam, but operates in the main cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Khobar – Dammam – Jubail – Al-Ahsa – Jeddah – Riyadh – Mecca – Abha – Madinah).

Professional Team

The company includes a group of distinguished professional cadres of lawyers and consultants who have extensive experience in various fields of law; what qualifies it to provide its legal services with high quality and outstanding professional performance.

Commitment to Innovation

The company seeks permanent development in the field of law and legal services in innovative ways that go beyond the traditional methods common in the work of legal establishments. The ultimate goal of the Almashora Firm is for clients to view the company as a trusted adviser.

Legal Practice Areas

What Service We Provide

Comprehensive legal services through a package of the best consultants and lawyers in various legal aspects
Company Formation and Liquidation Services

Company Formation and Liquidation Services

Al Mashora Law Firm Company provides wholehearted assistance for the establishment and liquidation of companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia....

Capital Market Authority Services

Capital Market Authority Services

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) is responsible for regulating and overseeing financial markets in order to maintain a competitive and open business environment...

Debt Collection and Execution Bonds Services

Debt Collection and Execution Bonds Services

Debt collection and execution bonds services help individuals and companies recover outstanding debts owed to them by debtors or through execution bonds...

Foreign Investment Services

Foreign Investment Services

Al Mashora Law Firm Company provides full services to foreign investors seeking to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...

Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Services

Al Mashora Law Firm Company provides comprehensive services to protect your intellectua...

How We Work

The Best Law Firm & Attorney For Your Legal Problem

Al Mashora Co. provides its Comprehensive Legal Solutions in full privacy and confidentiality

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    Our team of lawyers and consultants listen carefully to provide our clients by appropriate legal advice.

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    Al Mashora co. tackles your legal challenges with an expert team to provide you the best solution.

Why Choose Us

The ingredients for success:

We have all the capabilities and ingredients for success that enable us to provide a remarkable level of legal practice and litigation services.


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Our Vision

Overcoming the legal challenges faced by individuals and companies in their working and personal lives. Our commitment stems from the local experiences that we have gained and adherence to international standards, where we are committed to providing the highest level of legal services that meet the needs of our clients, taking into account the elements of time and transparency, and the selection and implementation of successful litigation procedures.

Our Mission

Leadership and excellence in providing all legal services needed by the individual and society

Cases Studies

Our Recent Case Studies

Read Our Recent Legal Case Studies & Learn How We Achieved Positive Outcomes for Clients in Various legal Practices.

We provide Comprehensive legal services with high-quality standers professional performance & To seek to build lasting trust and maintenance



We Always Take Care Of Our Clients Seriously

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Our legal services scope

Our firm offers tailored legal services to meet specific business needs, aligning with international best practices. We proactively support daily operations, anticipate potential legal issues, and prepare strategic solutions to ensure seamless business continuity. Our skilled team handles diverse legal challenges, maintaining high standards of transparency and professionalism in every client interaction.

We are keen to provide clients with the appropriate legal service and identify accurately the business needs, what prompted us to provide the appropriate experience to equip our clients with outputs that are compatible with the systems according to the highest international best practices.

    Not only that, but we strive to be a professional support for customers’ activities by serving them in all daily requirements to ensure good business performance without the slightest significant obstacles.

      We are also keen on providing prior legal support for operations and business, in order to avoid any problems or occurrences of business in gray legal areas that might affect clients’ activities in their field of business.

        We are therefore keen to anticipate the problems that may arise in the future and develop solutions strategies for them before they occur, to ensure the smooth business continuity and provide the highest standards in extracting legal solutions.

          The expertise we gained in identifying customer needs prompts us to come up with the right team to provide any due legal or professional support for business requirements. A single process might require diverse knowledge in many fields, and we have the appropriate qualified and competent teams to handle all business needs, whether the process contains more than one legal field or only one.

            We strive to provide all services due as required, not just to be prolific in a superfluous manner. Prior to adopting any future step in the service, our company used to provide customers with insights through business plans, scope reports as well as a list of teams to be deployed. We are also keen to share with the clients any details that are deemed necessary to inform them on an ongoing basis, to reassure the professionalism of our business and services.

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