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Debt Collection and Execution of Judgments

Debt Collection and Execution of Judgments

Al Mashora Law Firm Company provides complete debt collection and judgment execution services to both individuals and companies, owing to its team of skilled and highly competent lawyers and legal counsels who are proficient in reviewing and evaluating debt claims.

Our services include:

Review and Assessment: We meticulously review and assess your debt claims to determine the best strategy for collection.

Sending Official Notices: We send official notices to debtors demanding repayment of their debts.

Communication with Debtors: We communicate with debtors via phone or in writing to urge them to repay their debts.

Negotiations: We conduct negotiations with debtors to reach suitable repayment plans.

Filing Lawsuits: If communication and negotiation fail, we file lawsuits to collect debts.

Execution of Judicial Judgments: We execute judicial judgments issued in your favor to collect your debts.

Monitoring Debtors’ Assets: We monitor debtors’ assets to determine the possibility of seizing them for debt repayment.

Legal Consultations: We provide the necessary legal consultations to understand all aspects of debt collection and execution of judgments.