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International Mediation for Dispute Resolution

International Mediation for Dispute Resolution

Al Mashora Law Firm Company offers specialized services in the field of international mediation for managing commercial disputes between companies and individuals from different countries.

Types of Commercial Disputes Resolvable through International Mediation:

International mediation can help resolve a wide range of commercial conflicts, including:
Contractual Disputes: Disputes about contract terms, interpretation, enforcement, or termination.
Intellectual Property Disputes: Conflicts over patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
Investment Disputes: Disputes over investment losses, fraud, or mishandling of investments.
Sales and purchase disputes include disagreements about the quality of goods or services, pricing, or delivery terms.
Shipping and Insurance Disputes: Disputes over damaged or lost products, shipping delays, and insurance claims.

International Mediation Services:

conflict Assessment: We look into your conflict to determine if it qualifies for mediation.
Selection of a Suitable Mediator: We assist you in identifying a neutral and unbiased mediator with the requisite skills in international commercial conflict settlement.
We prepare the mediation agreement, which sets the norms and procedures of the mediation process.
Mediation Process Management: We oversee the mediation process and foster conversation among the disputing parties.
Settlement Agreement Drafting: We help the parties draft the settlement agreement, which sets the parameters of dispute resolution.