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Legal Audit and Due Diligence Services

Legal Audit and Due Diligence Services

Al Mashora Law Firm Company provides comprehensive services in the field of legal audit and due diligence to help mitigate risks and make informed decisions in various business transactions.

Legal Audit and Due Diligence Services:

We analyze all potential legal risks involved with the transaction or project, including contractual risks, by thoroughly evaluating contract terms for comprehensiveness, integrity, and duties. We also guarantee that all applicable laws and regulations be followed, that the tax implications of the transaction or project are assessed, and that no violations of competition laws arise. Furthermore, we confirm that no intellectual property rights infringement occurred during the transaction or project.

In addition, we perform extensive research to obtain relevant information about all parties involved in the transaction or project. This involves analyzing legal records to ensure there have been no previous legal challenges or conflicts between the parties, reviewing financial records to verify the parties’ financial status, and assessing the parties’ reputation and devotion to their duties.

In addition, we examine all acquired data to determine the feasibility of the transaction or project and identify any potential risks. We give the client a full report explaining the outcomes of the risk assessment and analysis performed, as well as our advice on how to proceed with the transaction or project.