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We have distinguished experts in all legal aspects of human resources, the labor system, the requirements of the Ministry of Labor and all matters related to human resources… In light of this, we offer the following services:

Our Process

1- Preparing and drafting all kinds of employment contracts (fixed-term work contract – unlimited-term work contract – career progression contracts …) and (in drafting these contracts, all legal aspects that protect the rights of the parties and in a manner consistent with the client’s activity are taken into account).

2- Preparing and adopting mandatory internal labor organization regulations, adopting them from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and preparing mandatory or guiding regulations, including: (The Occupational Safety Regulations – the Savings Regulations – the Code of conduct and business ethics).

3- Preparing and formulating policies, including: (the employment policy – the termination of employment contracts – the end-of-service reward policy – the leave policy – the assignment policy – the anti-harassment policy – the policy, code of conduct and worker ethics…), (and other policies related to human resources.

4- Monitoring the formation of the compulsory internal labor committee for the facility, drafting the procedures for nominating and voting to form the committee and adopting it from the Ministry of Labor and setting a policy for the tasks and work of the committee.

5- Holding development and educational workshops for human resources employees on the work system and its executive regulations.

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