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We have specialized lawyers licensed by the Ministry of Justice, who are experienced in the field of pleading and legal representation and have enough experience and know-how on the most prominent practices in the proceedings and following up on case law, including the following services:

Our Process

1- Preparing an integrated legal study for the client on the position and legal status of the litigation filed against him or the lawsuits he wishes to file against others, assessing the strengths and weaknesses, determining the expected percentage to win the lawsuit, as well as providing and initiating friendly solutions to resolve disputes.

2- Representing our clients in all judicial cases before all judicial bodies of all types and degrees, judicial and quasi-judicial committees, and preparing and drafting laws of claim, objections and appeal regulations and answer notes in (commercial cases – administrative cases – human rights issues – labor cases – penal cases – personal status issues) .

 3- Preparing and drafting arbitration documents and representing clients in litigation with arbitration boards or centers.

 4- Representing the client in law enforcement cases before enforcement courts, initiating implementation dispute cases, and taking regular measures until the collection of financial amounts and the implementation of executive bonds.

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