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About Us

About Al Mashora

firm is a professional company working in the Law and legal consulting sectors. It was established in accordance with the current system of professional companies and is licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice law and provide legal services.

Al Mashora is registered with the Saudi Bar Association, with the Saudi Bar Association, as a legal facility and has taken its headquarters in Dammam, but operates in the main cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Khobar – Dammam – Jubail – Al-Ahsa – Jeddah – Riyadh – Mecca – Abha – Madinah). The company includes a group of distinguished professional cadres of lawyers and consultants who have extensive experience in various fields of law; what qualifies it to provide its legal services with high quality and outstanding professional performance.

The company seeks permanent development in the field of law and legal services in innovative ways that go beyond the traditional methods common in the work of legal establishments. The ultimate goal of the Al Mashora Firm is for clients to view the company as a trusted adviser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Al Mashura Law Firm provide assistance and legal support to international clients wishing to invest in Saudi Arabia?

The professional staff working with Al-Mashora Law Firm has wide range of experience and are able to assist international clients and provide required legal support to enable them to carry out their business and commercial activities in legal manner pursuant to applicable laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia and in short time, our firm provides effective legal assistance to clients all over the world to take advantage of new investment opportunities.

Can Mashora Law Firm provide assistance to local and regional clients to conduct business and commercial activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

We have numerous local and international to whom we are committed to provide legal assistance in different specialized business sectors as our professional team has a variety of experiences in various branches of law which qualifies them to provide best legal services in different business sectors Further, we provide legal assistance to family companies in the field of business ownership transfer, corporate governance, restructuring and conversion to public joint stock companies listed in the capital market.

Does Al-Mashora Law Firm has branch offices regionally and internationally?

Head office for Al-Mashora Law Firm located in Dammam, K.S.A through which it provides legal services to all other cities in K.S.A in coordination with lawyers or representatives in K.S.A. Further Al-Mashora has established strategic partnerships with foreign legal firms of good reputation in Egypt – Bahrain – U.A.E, and currently seeking to provide its services in other regional and international countries.

What type of legal services to be provided by Al-Mashora to its clients?

Al-Mashora Law Firm is committed to provide its clients various legal services in all areas of legal practice, whether for companies, individuals or legal entities, You will find detailed information on these services in the firm website. Our professional team has sufficient background and awareness of Sharia rules as well as applicable laws and regulations in K.S.A and abroad, as we represented clients in large and small lawsuits and disputes before courts, competent administrative authorities and provided assistance in settling disputes using alternative solutions.

What are the experiences of our professional team of lawyers & Legal Consultants?

We have integrated specialized professional team of experts of lawyers, Consultants & assistants, assistants, with long experience and wide and successful legal experiences in dealing with great legal complicated issues and disputes, our firm helped many clients to resolve numerous of legal issues related to their business.

What languages do lawyers and advisors of Al-Mashora are fluent in?

Our Lawyers and advisors are fluent in both Arabic and English.

What about Professional fees of Al-Mashora?

Professional fees charged by Al-Mashora are competitive compared with fees charged by other firms, taking into account in its assessment the circumstances, challenges & complications of the legal issue or dispute and duty of care required to provide legal service.

How can I obtain legal information from Al-Mashora Law Firm?

You can contact us through communication available on our website for advisory appointment to benefit from our services.

What is the benefit of dealing with law firm?

There are many benefits from dealing with law firm, the most important of which as follows: –

  1. Reducing material risks and losses.
  2. Collection of debts.
  3. Avoidance of fines and penalties.
  4. Raise company’s evaluation rate.
  5. Raise level of company supervision and law abidance.

Our Team

  • Mohamed H. El-Deihey

    Executive Director & Legal Counsel
  • ElFatih ElSayed

    Senior Legal Counsel
  • Bashayer Al-Qannas

    Lawyer & Partner

    Legal Counsel
  • Mohammed Owais

    Marketing Specialist
  • Enaam Al Taroty

    Account Manager
  • Salman bin Saeed Hamad AlShidqaa

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